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The town of Karwar is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. This town is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka and is a very important tourist destination in the region. The region of Uttara Kannada is known for its serene natural beauty, as the region has some gorgeous scenery, lush green hills, imposing mountains that are part of the Western Ghats and pristine beaches will illuminate the Arabian Sea in all its glory.

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Devbagh Beach is located on an island called Devbagh, which lies around 3 km out in the Arabian Sea. To reach the beach regular ferries are available from Karwar and are sponsored by various beach resorts, situated around the beach. The local resorts also permit tourists to enjoy varied... 


One is Oyster-rock, as name suggests, with plenty of Oysters around. One can get down the Oyster rock to have the grand feast for the eyes; a close look at one of the oldest and cutest lighthouses, a grand sight built during the British Raj. This is marvelous and awesome. 

The way in which this lighthouse is maintained, brings out the art and science of lighthouse keeping. One can enjoy the sunset by relaxing on the sandy clean beach and view the beautiful lighthouse flashes across the distant horizon, which guides ships.


Karwar, a converging place of landscapes, is the headquarters of Uttara Kannada. Karwar is bound by Western Ghats on eastern side and west is surrounded by the mighty Arabian sea. This thin strip of tropical sand is an ideal place to relax. This is a tourist’s paradise with nature giving its gifts in abundance, the thrills of rising and setting sun, roaring sea and wheaty sand. 
Karwar is adorned with sacred pilgrim places, historical towns and marvellous beaches in India. With gentles waves, miles of golden sand, a serene ambience and acres of emerald green foliage, Karwar has all the makings of perfect holiday destination.

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